Airis Dabble Bong-Compatible Dab Pen

By: Airistech

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  • Dual Use: Portable Dab Vape with GOG Bong Connectors
  • 900mAh
  • 14mm and 19mm Male Joints
  • Variable Voltage: 3 Heat Settings
  • Threadless, Fritted Quartz Heating Coil
  • 20 Second Session Mode



The first vaporizer made to enjoy dabs on a water pipe, the Airis Dabble is the perfect tool for any dabber. Enjoy dabs effortlessly with the threadless heating coil that simply slides into place on the 900mAh battery. The fritted quartz coil will quickly reach temperature and efficiently vaporize any sized dab. With the 14mm glass-on-glass (GOG) connector installed, the entire vape can easily be installed on your favorite glass bong or dab rig, and the included 19mm silicone adapter will ensure a fit on larger pieces. Simply hold the Dabble's power button to hit your dab when you want, or press the button twice for a 20-second session mode.

When you're wanting to vape on the go, simply remove the 14mm connector for a sleek dab vape. After loading your dab, slide the glass mouthpiece on and your Dabble is ready to enjoy. The Dabble is hardly larger than a key fob, so it will fit comfortably in any pocket or purse.

For a fun, clean dabbing experience that works just as well in your hands as it does attached to a glass bong, grab the Airis Dabble!

Variable Voltage




Three clicks of the power button is all it takes to change voltage on the Airis Dabble. Switch between three different voltages to control the temperature ranging from 3.4v to 4.2v. Lower temperatures mean a greater flavor, while higher settings produce larger clouds. No matter the viscosity of your dab waxes, the Airis Dabble has the power to vaporize your material to its fullest.

Glass-On-Glass Bong Connector

When it comes to dabbing, you can forget bangers, torches, e-nails and the like. When you're ready to dab on your favorite water pipe rig, just plug the Dabble in and enjoy instant, clean, quick vaporization. Thanks to the included bong connector and the Dabble's unique design, vape your favorite concentrates directly into your water pipe to enjoy with the power of water cooling and filtering from your favorite dab rig!

The Dabble includes a 14mm Male GOG Joint which installs directly on to the bottom of the device. The Dabble's unique design allows air to flow both ways through the device, depending on what direction the air is pulled. Simply slide it into your favorite bong and have it vaporize your dabs, no torches or bangers needed!

Have a 19mm joint-sized bong? No problem! Use the included 19mm Silicone Adapter to convert the Dabble's glass 14mm joint into a 19mm male joint!

20-Second Sesh Mode

Whether you want to hit a little or a lot, the Dabble has your back. Holding the power button will heat the chamber and vaporize your dabs as you need it, but for even more fun the Dabble comes with sesh mode functionality. Simply press the button twice to begin a 20 second automatic heating process, which will reach and maintain your targeted temperature for 20 seconds for the ultimate dabbing session. A single click at any time will deactivate sesh mode, and three clicks will change the voltage. While sesh mode is active, the indicator light will display a rainbow of colors and turn off when the heating is done.

Available in 3 Colors

Included in this Kit


  • Gradient Airis Dabble battery body.900mAh Battery


  • Airis Dabble Glass Mouthpiece.Glass Mouthpiece

  • Dabble Heating Coil.Heating Coil

  • Airis Dabble 14mm GOG Connector.14mm Bong Connector

  • Airis Dabble 19mm Silicone Adapter.19mm Silicone Adapter


  • USB Cable (Micro USB)
  • Dab Tool
  • User Manual

Replacement Parts

Button Controls

  • Turn On/Off: 5 Clicks
  • Activate Heating: 1 Click (Hold)
  • Change Voltage Setting: 3 Clicks
  • Engage Sesh Mode: 2 Clicks

Instructions & How-To's

How to use the Airis Dabble

Whether attached to a water pipe or used on the go, enjoy your Airis Dabble by following these simple steps!

Estimated cost: 5 in USD

Total time: 5 minutes


  • Your favorite waxy concentrate



1. Remove Mouthpiece

Remove glass mouthpiece.

2. Remove Heating Coil

Remove heating coil by simply pulling straight out, and open the magnetically-sealed lid to reveal the fritted quartz heating element.

3. Load

Insert your material and close the lid.

4. Reassemble

Replace the heating coil by pressing it into place, then reattach the glass mouthpiece.

5. Optional: Attach Bong Connector

If using the Dabble with a bong, attach 14mm GOG connector on bottom and 19mm adapter, if necessary.

6. Power On

Turn the Dabble on with 5 quick clicks.

7. Select Voltage

Press the button 3 times to cycle through available voltage and temperature settings and choose the best one for your materials.

8. Activate

Press and hold the button for heating, or press twice for a 20 second automatic heating session.

9. Enjoy!

Take a long, slow breath and enjoy!

Charging the Airis Dabble

  • The indicator light will flash red 10 times when the battery is getting low.
  • To charge, plug a powered Micro USB cable into the charging port on the device.
  • A solid red indicator light will illuminate while charging and will shut off once charging is complete.
  • Please fully charge the device before use.
  • Charging time is typically 1-2 hours.


  • Do not use the device if it is damaged in any way.
  • This product includes many small parts. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS!
  • This product is intended for use ONLY by adults of legal age.
  • This product is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or other ailment.
  • Contact Airistech for assistance. Visit the Airistech Contact page.
Battery mAh:
900 mAh
Voltage Range:
3.4 V - 4.2 V