Airis Quaser Q-Cell Dab Pen

By: Airistech

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  • Q-Cell Fritted Quartz Atomizer
  • 350mAh Capacity
  • Variable Voltage
  • 5" Assembled Length
  • Innovative Dab Mouthpiece

Never worry about heating a quartz banger again! The newest Quaser vaporizer with creative Q-cell technology is all about quality hardware. A fritted quartz coil maximizes the surface area to provide even heating for your favorite waxy concentrate, and with 3 voltage settings to cycle through you're sure to find the perfect level for your concentrate.

Q-Cell Quartz Coil

Airistech truly is the Quartz Authority- after all, that's one of their brand names! Their pioneering achievement: Q-Cell Technology. Featuring fritted quartz pieces, Q-Cell is designed to maximize flavor and efficiency. Rather than traditional coils, which have a material coiled in a heating element (hence their name), Q-Cell parts are the inverse of that: a large, evenly heated surface area with an internal coil. The fritted quartz used in Q-Cell parts give the most heating surface of any material on the market today, and are designed to be able to really wick material in to create a controlled, even vaporization. You'll see, the Q-Cell Atomizer in the Quaser will soon be your new favorite toy!

Dab Mouthpiece for Quick, Clean Refills

Paired with the latest Q-Cell technology, the Dab Mouthpiece that covers the atomizer is a technical feat of its own. With a built-in metal dab tool, which can be unscrewed and removed if wanted, the mouthpiece can be used to pick up the right amount of material and then simply re-capped on top of the atomizer, concentrate still attached to the tool. When the atomizer heats up, the concentrate will drip down and get vaporized without any mess.

Sleek, Discreet Design

The Quaser is a slim and sleek vape pen. The battery is hardly 3 inches long and, when fully assembled, the vape is only 5" in total length. With a diameter of only 11mm, this vape is only one or two millimeters wider than a standard pen. It's a pleasure to hold and can be easily stowed away in a pocket or bag. The body is completely sleek and smooth, and features only a single button to control its functions. Five quick clicks will power the unit on or off, while three quick clicks will cycle the battery's voltages

Variable Voltage

All vapes worth their salt these days should have Variable Voltage function, whether it's precise twisting or at least allowing the user a choice between a few settings. Airistech doesn't hold back: their entire line of vapes all feature voltage control. Click the power button three times to cycle between the three pre-set voltages, each shown by their own corresponding light illuminating the ring around the power button: 3.4 V is lit in green; 3.7 V in blue; and 4.2 V in red.

350mAh Capacity

There's a lot of power packed into this tiny battery! Enjoy ultimate portable power with the Quaser's 350mAh battery capacity. At the bottom of the device is a USB port and, with the included USB cable, this battery can be charged anywhere, anytime.

510 Thread

The Quaser comes complete with a Q-Cell atomizer, but both the battery and cartridge feature industry-standard 510 threading, allowing them to be swapped, replaced, and supplemented with a wide variety of attachments and tanks! Maybe you own a tank you'd rather use instead- or maybe you want the awesome Q-Cell Cartridge to use on your own, larger-capacity batteries. More power to you! All of these parts are compatible with an ever-expanding array of items, and we carry such an array! If you're looking for something fun and new, browse our selection of vape parts and accessories.

Included with this Kit

  • Quaser 350mAh Battery
  • Q-Cell Cartridge (Atomizer & Mouthpiece)
  • USB Charging Cable

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Battery mAh:
350 mAh
Voltage Range:
3.4 V - 4.2 V