Dabber Mouthpiece for Airis Quaser

By: Airistech
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Mouthpiece with a Built-In Dabber

If you love taking your waxy concentrates on-the-go, the Airis Quaser was most likely a welcome addition to your collection! It features an innovative mouthpiece with a built-in dabber which fits into the Quaser's cartridge snugly, but not into other cartridges. If you're looking for a replacement, or simply want another one, then look no further!

Compatible Products

This Dab Tool Mouthpiece fits into Airistech's Q-Cell Atomizer, able to be attached and sit perfectly for any material on its tip to be vaporized efficiently within the chamber.

Both of these parts, obviously, pair with the Airis Quaser Concentrate Vape Pen.

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