Baja Joe Natural & Black Cotton Blend Mexican Hoodie

By: Baja Joe

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Be the envy of your friends with this Cotton Blend Black Stripe Baja Hoodie. This hoodie has a unique blend of cotton fibers making it super soft and cozy.

Its classic black and white striped pattern goes along with any pants or shorts. This will be your favorite sweater for sure! Made in Mexico using 100% recycled fibers.

Baja hoodie with labeled arrows matching the table columns below.

Size A B C D E
S 23½ 28½ 20½ 24
M 24½ 29 21½ 24½ 6
L 25½ 29½ 22½ 25
XL 26½ 30 23½ 25½
2XL 27½ 30½ 24½ 26

About Baja Joe

Baja Joe is a line of Earth Ragz products, made from 100% recycled fibers. Made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and acrylic, every Baja Joe garment that your purchase directly prevents 2.4 lbs. of textile material from going into landfills. The 100% environmentally friendly fabric is given new life by being woven in a unique pattern to allow extra breathability, while creating tiny pockets that store and maintain warm air. The fabric allows the body to breathe while keeping its warmth. Extra napping of the fibers enhances the thermo-properties of the fabric for added warmth, comfort, and texture. The unique weave, extra napping and fiber composition minimize permeability, making water bead and shed easily keeping the fabric dryer for a longer period.