Baja Joe Burgundy Mexican Hoodie

By: Baja Joe

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High quality fabric, softness and stylish patterns have allowed us to sell the best Baja Jackets made from recycled fibers for over 20 years.

This Burgundy Mexican Jacket is warm, breathable, and comfortable. It is environmentally friendly and stylish!

When you buy one of our recycled jackets you are directly preventing 2.4lbs of textile waste from going into landfills.

Made using 100% recycled fibers, 50% Polyester, 40 % Acrylic, 10% Cotton


  • Small- Chest 44” Length 26”,
  • Med- Chest 46” length 27”,
  • Large - Chest 50” Length 28”,
  • XL – Chest 52” length 29”,
  • XXL Chest 54” length 30”,

ORIGIN: Made in Mexico