Baja Joe Natural & Teal Hoodie

By: Baja Joe

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For ultimate comfort paired with a stylish look, Baja Joe's line of brushed cotton hoodies are the perfect attire for every situation.

These Natural & Teal Striped Hoodies feature brightly colored teal stripes paired with natural cream-colored fabric, and accented with black chevron weaves.

Baja Joe hoodies are made with a comfortable and plush brushed cotton interior, while their unique weaving technique allows them to be breathable yet trap warm air. Additional features include a hood and front pocket.

Shade and color variations are inherent to the process so each hoodie has as much character and uniqueness as the individual wearing it.

Baja hoodie with labeled arrows matching the table columns below.

Size A B C D E
S 23½ 28½ 20½ 24
M 24½ 29 21½ 24½ 6
L 25½ 29½ 22½ 25
XL 26½ 30 23½ 25½
2XL 27½ 30½ 24½ 26