Banana Goji Wraps with Model X Tips, 4 Count

By: King Palm

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  • 4 Banana Goji Wraps per pack + 4 Model X Tips. 
  • 100% Goji Berry with all-natural banana terpenes. 
  • Nicotine- and tobacco-free. 
  • King size wraps. 
  • 15-piece display available. 

Introducing new Banana Goji Wraps - a tantalizing twist on the classic blunt wrap experience.

Made from renowned superfruit Goji Berries, these wraps are ultra thin and super slow burning to provide an unparalleled smoking session. These wraps are 100% Goji Berry, making them eco-friendly, vegan, and tobacco-free.

To enhance your wraps, every package of Banana Goji Wraps includes four Model X tips, uniquely folded tips designed to maximize airflow while eliminating ash.

Enjoy this pack of four eco-friendly superfruit wraps with natural banana terpenes with your next smoking session and see why Goji Berries make your new favorite blunt wrap.

Why Choose Banana Goji Wraps?

The addition of delicious banana flavor to Goji Wraps adds tropical notes notes to enhance your strains. The natural sweetness of bananas complements the inherent richness of the Goji berries, resulting in a blunt unlike any you've tasted before.

Just like our traditional Goji wraps, these banana-infused wraps maintain the moist, velvety texture that our customers adore, and the natural oils of the Goji berries make sealing the wraps incredibly easy.

Choose the healthier and more natural alternative to traditional wraps, and enjoy a cleaner and more fulfilling smoke with our Banana Goji Wraps. Discover a new level of smoking pleasure with this delightful fusion of flavors.

15-Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers: purchase Banana Goji Wraps in multiples of 15 to receive a free sealed display box ready to be opened and displayed. See pictures above for examples.

Wraps per Pack:
4 Wraps
Goji Berry
Wrap Size:
King Size
Display Box Quantity:
15 Units