Natural Goji Wraps with Model X Tips, 4 Count

By: King Palm

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  • 4 Goji Wraps per pack + 4 Model X Tips. 
  • 100% Goji Berry with no additives. 
  • Nicotine- and tobacco-free. 
  • 15-piece display available. 

Step into a world of natural, aromatic bliss with our Goji Berry Blunt Wraps. These unique wraps take the exceptional qualities of Goji berries and transform them into a smoking experience like no other.

Key Features:

  • Pure Goji Berry: King Palm Goji Wraps are made from 100% all-natural, organic Goji berries, ensuring you get a dose of the same potential health benefits that have made Goji berries famous. These wraps let you enjoy the goodness of this superfood in an entirely new way.

  • Slow-Burning Superiority: These ultra thin Goji Wraps burn super slow, extending your smoke session to allow you to fully savor the flavors and aromas of your chosen herb. This ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

  • Moist, Velvety Texture: Goji berries are known for their unique texture, and our wraps inherit this quality. With a moist and velvety feel, they are easy to handle and seal, making for a hassle-free smoking experience.

  • King-Sized Wraps: Each package includes King-sized wraps, offering a generous canvas for your smoking pleasure.

Goji Berry Blunt Wraps open the door to a world where nature's bounty enhances your smoking rituals. Elevate your sessions with these wraps that combine tradition and innovation, offering you the perfect balance of flavor and quality. Embrace the wholesome essence of Goji berries in a brand-new form and experience smoking like never before.

15-Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers: purchase Natural Goji Wraps in multiples of 15 to receive a free sealed display box ready to be opened and displayed. See pictures above for examples.

Wraps per Pack:
4 Wraps
Goji Berry
Wrap Size:
King Size
Goji Berry
Display Box Quantity:
15 Units