Banger Set Slurpy

By: Stratus

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  • 14mm quartz terp slurp set. 
  • Includes terp slurp pearls, dabber, and silicone jar. 
  • Taste your terps with the Banger Set Slurpy from Stratus. 

This kit includs everything you need to enjoy the full taste of your terpenes with the help of a terp slurper banger and its unique terp pearls.

Where most terp pearls are small marbles, a terp slurp banger's unique shape leads to unique pearls: Terp slurpers has a "pill" terp pearl capped with a large round pearl, which raises or lowers with airflow, and it's all capped by a round marble carb cap.

Terp slurpers will vaporize dabs at lower temperatures, allowing you to preserve the true terpenes in your dabs and concentrates. Terpenes are the tastes, and each terp has a very specific temperature where it tastes best.

Banger Set Slurpy includes: 

  • a terp slurper quartz banger,
  • three terp pearls a terp slurper banger needs: a pill and 2 spheres, 
  • a stainless steel dabber,
  • and a silicone jar. 

Combined, all of these pieces come together to give you the best taste from your dabs. Low-temp and high-flavor dabs should be the norm, so grab a Banger Set Slurpy today for your favorite rig!

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Banger Style:
Terp Slurper
14mm Male