Banger Set Spin

By: Stratus

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  • Complete 14mm spinning quartz banger set. 
  • Includes terp pearls and vortex spin cap. 
  • Also includes dabber and silicone jar. 

Terp pearls are the latest craze to get the most flavor and potency out of your concentrates. Get everything you need to get you started with terp pearls with the Stratus Banger Set Spin.

This banger set includes everything you need to dab with terp pearls:

  • a 14mm quartz banger, 
  • two 6mm terp pearls, 
  • a vortex spinner carb cap, 
  • a stainless steel dabber, 
  • and a silicone jar. 

Not only is this kit ready to help you store and load your dabs, it has the parts you need to fully utilize terp pearls! The vortex carb cap will spin air inside the banger, spinning the terp pearls, without you needing to tilt and redirect it like a traditional directional carb cap. It will fast become your new favorite accessory.

So get to dabbing! The combination of vortex carb cap and terp pearls allows you to dab at lower temperatures. Lower temps mean higher tastes, preserving the terpenes of your dabs.