Ben Wa Balls, Gold

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Ancient Chinese Secret

Ancient Chinese legend has it that women first inserted these pleasure orbs into their vaginas and spent hours rocking gently back and forth. They would eventually experience a subtly cascading orgasm of epic heights. Today, this same pleasure can be achieved using these beautiful Ben Wa Balls.

Open the crystalline carrying case to reveal a pair of one-pound, .75" diameter spheres with a smooth finish resting on a soft bed of velvet. Insert these marble-sized balls into the vagina and allow them to click together, creating vibrations that stimulate the inner walls. Try experimenting with location; try holding them lower in the vagina for softer sensation or place them directly behind the G-spot for a heightened thrill! With proper use, you can tighten and strengthen your PC muscle, giving you a more desirable grip during intercourse.

You can wear them all day, experiencing a hidden thrill at the office, the grocery store, or secretly on dates. You can even use them during intercourse. The thrill of the smooth balls will stimulate your partner too, leading to a wild climax for both of you.

These are the same balls you've been reading about, but better! Don't be fooled by the imitations: get the original Ben Wa Balls here!