Bernie Plastic Mini Butane Torch Lighter

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The Last Mini Torch You'll Ever Need

  • Single Click Operation
  • Large Fuel Reservoir
  • Refillable
  • Flame Control
  • Trigger Lock Switch


Wind-resistant, slow-release, and surprisingly powerful for its size, the Bernie Plastic is a mini butane torch from Special Blue guaranteed to delight! These small torches are only 4.5" tall and fires with a quick click of the trigger. Bernie Plastics are refillable and feature a flame control which, unlike some other torches, will operate even at its lowest setting.

On the side of the torch is a Lock/Unlock switch, which will prevent the torch from accidentally firing while locked; alternatively, it can also be used as a continuous release by engaging the lock while pressing the trigger. You can use this for a concentrated, continuous flame for crafting or welding.

Available in Assorted Colors

These Bernie Torches are available in assorted colors, such as Red, Blue, Orange, and Green.

12-Piece Display Box Available

Purchase 12 of these burners for a display box, pictured above, for your shop or your friends. If you are a store owner, don't forget to sign up to be a Wholeseller here on our site for great discounts!