Inferno Butane Torch

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Small Thumb-Trigger Torch

The Inferno Butane Torch is a smaller torch relative to its Monster and Toro cousins, but just as powerful. Featuring a single easy-to-use button in the back, simply adjust the gas release lever to the appropriate spot for the flame you want and press the back with your thumb to start a precise blue flame to help with all of your kitchen projects or other items you need a long flame for, such as igniting candles or fireplaces or starting grills.

When full, the torch weighs 7.5 ounces and stands 6 inches tall.

Easy to Refill

The Inferno can be refilled with butane by simply aligning your favorite can to the bottom of the torch and filling it for about 5 seconds. Once it's been refilled, allow it to sit for a few minutes for the gas to stabilize, then it can get back to work! You can find a wide selection of butane here on our site, so be sure to keep a can on hand!

Available in Many Colors

The Inferno is available in many colors, from Blue to Red to Black. Choose your preferred color from the options list above.