Toro Butane Torch

By: Special Blue

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Trigger-Fired Torch

Special Blue's Toro Butane Torch will be your best companion in the kitchen! Featuring an easy-to-use trigger, simply adjust the gas release dial to the sweet spot for your desired flame and pull the trigger!

This torch features a flame adjustment dial and a Continuous button so you can release the trigger and have the flame stay ignited.

Keep this torch on hand in the kitchen to perfectly caramelize sugars or sear meats; use it to easily light candles or grills, or anywhere a flame would be necessary!

Unlike the Monster Butane Torch, which continuously releases gas to create its flame, the Toro emits only what is necessary to burn and only when you pull the trigger.

This torch weighs 9 ounces and stands 7.5" tall, and can stand on its own thanks to its balanced base.

Available in Various Colors

This Special Blue Toro Butane Torch is available in a selection of colors, including green, red, and blue. Select your desired color from the option set above so we can get you the best torch you could ever have!