Blazy Susan 1 1/4 Purple Cones

By: Blazy Susan

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  • 6 1 1/4 size cones per pack. 
  • World famous purple paper cones! 
  • Vegan, non-GMO, and Chlorine-free papers. 
  • Made from premium wood pulp for a clean, unaltered taste. 
  • 21 piece display box available. 

Blazy Susan purple rolling papers have taken the world by storm, and now they're available in convenient cones!

Every pack of Blazy Susan 1 1/4 Purple Cones includes 6 cones rolled from their signature purple paper. Their paper is made from wood pulp so your joints will taste and smell like they should, without the altering taste found from hemp or rice papers.

Switch from your old papers and try something new: slow burning, ultra thin, natural cones from Blazy Susan featuring their famous purple paper!

Find more sizes and colors on our Blazy Susan brand page.

Our 6 Pack of Purple Pre Rolled Cones is a new way to pack n puff in style! This pack comes with 2 stacks of 3 purple cones, as well as eco-friendly purple straws to make packing them even easier.

Blazy Susan

21 Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers, order quantities of 21 to receive a free display box with your order. See pictures above for examples.

Display Box Quantity:
Cones Per Pack:
Wood Pulp
Cone Size:
1 1/4