Blazy Susan King Size Slim Pink Rolling Papers

By: Blazy Susan

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  • 50 leaves per pack. 
  • World famous pink rolling papers! 
  • Vegan, non-GMO, and Chlorine-free papers. 
  • Made from premium wood pulp for a clean, unaltered taste. 
  • 50 pack display box available. 

These papers have taken the world by storm! Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers have become a new favorite in the smoking community.

These slow burning, ultra-thin papers will soon be your favorite to roll with too. Made from wood pulp for a flavor that doesn't get altered like with rice or hemp papers, Blazy Susan Pink Papers will let your joints taste and smell the way they should.

On top of that, all Blazy Susan paper packs are loaded with almost twice the papers of the competition: 50 papers per pack while the competitors only have 32. This means that you’ll be rolling pink joints for days before ever running out!

Dive into Blazy Susan today to see why the rest of the world loves these papers!

Find more sizes and colors on our Blazy Susan brand page.

Ideal for getting creative with your joints, our King Size Rolling Papers are the perfect option for when standard rolling papers just aren’t big enough. Whether you’re rolling a cross joint or a classic doobie, the King Size is your best friend.

Blazy Susan

50 Pack Display Box Available

Wholesale customers: order 50 booklets to receive a free display box for your store. See pictures above for examples.

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Wood Pulp
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King Size Slim