Elements Pink King Size Slim Rolling Papers

By: Elements

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  • 32 pink rolling papers per pack. 
  • King Size Slim rolling papers. 
  • Vegan, non-GMO papers with equally vegan food coloring. 
  • 50-Piece Display Box Available. 

Move over Blazy Susan, Elements is here with their own highly-rated packs of pink papers.

Elements Pink King Size Slim Rolling Papers are completely vegan and non-GMO, leaving behind almost no ash when enjoying.

This is the same rice paper that has made Elements famous, but colored pink with a food-grade, vegan, pink coloring.

When rolled up, King Size Slim papers can hold a little more than 1 gram of flower.

Uplift your next smoking experience with pink papers from a brand you trust with Elements Pink King Size Slim Rolling Papers.

50-Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers, purchase quantities of 50 to receive a display box. See pictures above for examples.

Elements ultra thin pink rice papers burn with almost zero ash except for a tiny line caused by the sugar gum caramelizing as it burns. This fun paper is made in the classic Elements way with edible, food grade, non-gmo, vegan pink coloring for an uplifted experience.

Grown in the earth. Nourished by the water.
Powered by the wind. Burned by the fire.


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King Size Slim