RAW Classic King Size Slim Metal Rolling Paper Case


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  • Tough metal case for papers. 
  • Holds a King Size Slim size pack of papers. 
  • RAW Classic papers design. 
  • Does not include papers. 

Don't let your favorite pack of papers get crushed in your pockets! Grab a RAW Classic King Size Slim Metal Rolling Paper Case to protect your papers no matter where you go!

This little tin holds a pack of King Size Slim Raw papers and has the familiar RAW packet printed directly on it for added awesomeness.

Opening the top reveals a little pocket to stash your pack of papers in, and they can still be pulled out and rolled at your leisure!

Give your papers the hard shell they deserve with the RAW Classic King Size Slim Metal Rolling Paper Case.

The RAW Metal Paper Case will keep your pack of RAW Rolling Papers safe in your pocket, purse, backpack, car – wherever!  The high-quality Metal Paper Case is sturdy and tough, with a hinged lid that snaps securely in place when you put your papers inside.  This is a must-have for serious RAWlers!

Josh Kesselman

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