Glass Blunts: Cleaner and Safer Way to Smoke Blunts

Glass Blunts: Cleaner and Safer Way to Smoke Blunts

Posted by Craig Jones on Aug 04, 2018

As the world continues to search for cleaner and purer methods to consume dry herbs and tobacco, glass blunts have exploded in popularity often taking the place of popular tobacco leaf blunt wraps. A glass blunt merely replaces the blunt wrap with a glass tube and a moveable object down the middle to push the burned ash out of the glass tube. I am by no means saying that smoking in glass blunts is good for your health, I am saying that smoking tobacco is bad and the glass blunt allows you to avoid the harmful carcinogens in tobacco.[i]

 Twisty BluntThere are two basic functional designs for glass blunts: the typical glass blunt and the twisty glass blunt. Both have a main glass tube blunt chamber. The difference between the two designs is that with the twisty blunt, there is a metal screw-like component that runs down the center of the glass shaft, versus the typical glass blunt with utilizes a second smaller glass tube that runs down the middle. Regardless of the design, the glass or metal piece that runs down the center is used to push the ashes out of the blunt after they are fully burned.

To use a glass blunt of any design, the user starts by packing dry herbs or any dry smoking material of your choice, into the main glass tube or chamber. If you are using a twisty blunt, once the material is loaded you must twist the screw counter-clockwise into the glass tube. With most glass blunts, you can pack 1 to 1.5 grams of dry herbs or tobacco in the glass tube. It is clean, quick, and easy. Once the glass blunt is packed, all you need to do is light the end, and puff, puff, pass.

Glass Blunt

The tobacco leaf that wraps a typical blunt is extremely harmful to the health of the person smoking, as well as people around them inhaling the second-hand smoke. In fact, cigar wrappers are far more dangerous than cigarette rolling papers. Since a cigar wrap is much more porous than a regular rolling paper, the smoking material is burned in a less complete way and the resulting smoke has a higher concentration of toxins. When the tobacco leaf is burned the user ingests nicotine and nitrosamines, which is harmful to the heart, lungs and the entire cardiovascular system.[ii] Finally, when users smoke a blunt with a typical blunt wrap, they can even be exposed to “carbon monoxidehydrocarbons, ammonia, cadmium, and other substances.”[iii]

Not only is a glass blunt much cleaner and healthier than a normal tobacco wrapped blunt, it is reusable over and over again. It eliminates the foul smell of the smoke emitted from the tobacco leaf when it is burned. Now you can taste the pure flavor of your favorite smoking material.

No longer do you have to drive to the local smokeshop or corner store and spend over a dollar on a cigar or blunt wrap repeatedly, spending a lot of money over time. The glass blunt allows you to save time and money while ingesting a much less harmful smoke. As people seek purer ways to consume smoking materials, the glass blunt is a logical evolution. Glass blunts represent the cleaner, safer future of blunt smoking.




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