How Can Males Achieve the Best Orgasms of Their Lives?

How Can Males Achieve the Best Orgasms of Their Lives?

Posted by Kel Long on Aug 20, 2018

Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy sex toys in the bedroom and we definitely aren’t the only ones who may encounter issues when it comes to our sexual release. We learned in the last blog that orgasms are important- they help us connect to our lovers and ourselves. Orgasms are stress relievers, keeping us relaxed and helping us stay healthy. Partners should commit their sexual talents to each other's desires (if they really care) and explore our kinks, no matter how unconventional they may seem. Too often, we forget that the male body can be just as complex when it comes to satisfying a man's needs. Exploring a man's kinks can be just as valuable and exciting, as exploring a woman's. This article is dedicated to all of the men, because they deserve to be pleased. We look forward to helping you and your partner or partners find new and exciting ways, to get off!

Vibrators for Men

Men hear the word vibrators and immediately think of the toys women use to please themselves alone or… with company. Most aren’t aware that there are different kind of vibrating toys designed for the pleasure of men too! Cock rings aren’t new to us, I know. But vibrating cock rings? Well, they’re a fun way to take things to the next level and ad another layer of stimulation. They can be used as a way to enhance sex with your partner or even while pleasuring yourself. Experience the pleasuring sensations of vibrations- at the base of your cock- while making love or at the tip through masturbation. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this and tons of different options to choose from. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun finding out what’s best for you. 

OptiMALE Double Vibrating C-RingMagna Man Magnetic Ring

There are disposable cock-rings, that are condom friendly for first time/ one-time use- you know- beginners. There are also pro-rings, that are waterproof, with multiple functions, silicon material, and health friendly – being phthalate free! Cum and enjoy explosive, vibrational, ejaculation with these awesome, vibrating, rings! I promise; you and your partner will be thankful for them! And if vibrational cock rings aren’t kinky enough… there’s more!

Anal Stimulation - is the prostate the male G-spot  

Our cock rings are meant to enhance pleasure for men and their partner. However, pleasuring cocks aren’t the only tricks we have up our sleeves. Pleasuring the prostate is pulsing for new and exciting ways to be explored. It may be untraditional to some, but let’s be honest - experimenting makes sex a tad bit more enticing. Although the g-spot for men can seem a little weird at first thought, those who are into exploring new sexual, things will definitely find this… well, stimulating.

                             Frisky Finger Vibrator

The Frisky Finger Bullet is a treat for him and her! This unisex stimulator is something both of you can experience. And we know sharing is caring, but you may want to get your own for this one. This fun, waterproof, toy can be used for anal & testicular stimulation. Or try one of the vibrating eggs, which is one of the very most versatile toys available to help you achieve the most intense orgasms. Anal gets it done and her clit can join in on the fun! 

And for those of you who are a little more experienced when it comes to the pleasures of anal… these Crystal Jellies might be your favorite choice! It comes with two different sizes, large and small. And if done proper, you both may be able to experience the pleasures of front-end and back-end stimulation at the same time!

Pussy Power   

  Pocket Pussy For sale lowest price online adult toys

The most seductive toy is what makes the world go round’. The infamous, Pocket Pussy. I know what you’re thinking, “the truth is in the pudding”. These trusted, Doc Johnson- pocket pussies are not only realistic looking, they’re realistic feeling, and created in the image of real women! Created from the famous porn stars; Belladonna and Jenna Jameson playful nooks; these awesome toys allow you to live out your fantasies. You can watch their videos and feel yourself hitting those spots you only dreamed of, where your fantasies meets reality. Enjoy the best orgasms with powerful pussy (real or play) and more with the toys listed above, for his pleasure! 

What self-pleasuring toy will you try out today?

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