How to Choose the Right Size Quartz Banger for Your Dab Rig

How to Choose the Right Size Quartz Banger for Your Dab Rig

Posted by Craig Jones on Aug 06, 2020

Whether an experienced dabber or a newbie, by now you have surely either dabbed or at least heard about it. Wax looks to be the future of ingesting medicine due to its efficacy, efficiency, and delicious terpy dabs. A banger is the part of the pipe that vaporizes your fine dabs, so therefore it must be properly fitted and good quality. So we will look at how to choose the right size quartz banger for your dab rig or water pipe.

10mm Quartz Banger14mm Quartz Bangers19mm Quartz Banger

What is the right size banger?

In order to select the correct size banger we have to look at the various sizes of joints on dab rigs. The very most common size is 14mm, however, there are also 10mm as well as 19mm (same as 18mm). The size of the joint really makes no difference in terms of the quality or functional ability of the pipe or banger, it was just a decision of the glass blower.

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Do I need a Male or Female Banger?

While it sounds rather sexual, isn't, well technically it is, in that bangers are identified by specific gender. Once you identify the size of the joint on your dab rig or water pipe, you must decide if it is a male or female joint. The female joint is wider and requires a male banger. The male joint is more narrow and goes inside of a wider female banger that goes over it. Female dab rigs with size 14mm joints have become the most common go-to standard for the glass industry. Male joints used to be popular, but have definitely become less typical.

Rind the right adapter for your bong/oil rig

How to fix having the wrong size banger?

If you happen to get the wrong size banger or if have some from another pipe, you may be able to overcome your problem with an adapter. It is quite common to find adaptors that convert one size to another or male to female, or both. Occasionally you can even find adapters that are ash catchers with percolators or even reclaim catches for conserving wax. Just look for a good quality one and it should typically be GOG, or rarely people use heat resistant silicone adapters.

The banger is probably the most neglected part of the dab rig set up. It seems like a mundane accessory but its where the sweet action starts to go down, as that yummy dab is swirling around vaporizing. So it's crucial to nail this step to get the proper experience with concentrates in your rig. A proper banger should be made of quartz for its higher quality characteristics, including heat retention, distribution and overall durability. For other considerations like the style of banger, check out our past article, Quartz Bangers: What are the Different Types and How Do They Affect the Quality of Dabs.

This blog should help you properly fit and choose the right size quartz banger for your dab rig or water pipe. At Waterbeds 'n' Stuff, we have a large selection of quartz bangers and you should be able to find the best banger for you. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our website, on our Instagram or at one of our 12 retail stores. We have a great selection of quality glass and everything you could need for smoking, vaping and dabbing.

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