How to Dab with a Bong if You Don't Have a Dab Rig

How to Dab with a Bong if You Don't Have a Dab Rig

Posted by Craig Jones and Kush Samson on Jan 11, 2021

Ever wonder if you could use your favorite glass bong or water pipe to smoke dabs? The answer is yes. And it’s much simpler than you would expect. With just a few simple add-on parts you can use most glass pipes for dabbing concentrates instead of smoking flower. Here we will explain exactly what you need and discuss how to dab with a bong if you don't have a dab rig.

While the best tasting dabs are smoked through a dab rig or e-rig, it is possible to use your existing bong for dabs. True dab connoisseurs will never condone using your dry herb pipe to double as a rig. This is because of the desire to preserve and optimize the flavor of dabs. Many people think the burnt taste left by dry herb ruins the flavor of dabs, and that the two must never cross.

Transforming Your Bong into a Dab Rig

Even though some may not approve, not all of us are dab connoisseurs. Many of us just want a cheap way to dab with what we got. Luckily, you can use a banger and glass on glass adapter to transform your pipe in seconds. In fact, sometimes you don't even need the adapter if you have the right pipe.

Some people only need the adapter to change the angle of the joint, because you want the bottom of the banger to be flat with or parallel to the ground. The typical dab rig will have a straight of 90 degree joint and require a 90 degree banger, but an angled joint or downstem will likely require a 45 degree banger.

Joint downstems and 90° banger and 45° banger

Other people might need an adapter to alter the size of the joint or to change male to female. Just make sure that your bong or water pipe has a GOG or glass on glass joint, otherwise you could burn or even melt your pipe. Make sure that the size of the joint on the glass on glass adapter matches the size of the quartz banger. The most common size of banger is 14mm, but there are also 10mm and 19mm bangers.

Sizes for quartz bangers and joints

You must also make sure that the adapter and banger are opposite sexes. This means that if the adapter is a female adapter, you must have a male banger. A male banger inserts inside of a female adapter. This is the most common setup, however occasionally you have a male adapter and a female banger. That means the banger fits over or around the adapter joint.

Glass on glass adapters.

Proper accessories for use with dab rigs with female joints versus dab rigs with male joints

Necessary Items to Get Started Dabbing

Even though it only takes a couple things to transform bong to dab rig, you will need several specialized tools to dab. Once you have transformed the bong or water pipe into a dab rig, you must make sure you have the other dab accessories. See a full dab checklist.

First, and most importantly, as mentioned you will need a banger preferably made of quartz. For more information on bangers, check out this article on bangers. Other dab accessories include a butane torch, dab tool sometimes called a dabber, and a carb cap. For help selecting a carb cap check out our carb cap article. These accessories are absolutely necessary to take an effective dab.

The butane torch is used to heat the banger to the optimal temperature. The dab tool is used to place the dab down into the glowing hot banger. Finally the carb cap is used to vaporize the dab, giving a thick nice hit that is unachievable with out it.

You may also want a tray or dab pad, but those are just to keep clean and organized. Finally, it is always important to have rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs for cleaning the banger.

If you have these few important accessories and make these few changes, you can dab with your existing bong, water pipe or even hand pipe. And with that you will be happy dabbing!

This blog should help you quickly and easily convert your existing bong or water pipe to a dab rig so you can enjoy concentrates. While this may not be optimal, it is the cheapest and most convenient way to get started dabbing. If later you decide you want to up your dab game, reach out to us at Waterbeds 'n' Stuff on our website, Instagram or one of our 12 retail stores for the best selection of dab rigs and dabbing accessories.

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