How to Roll a Joint with A.I. and ChatGPT

How to Roll a Joint with A.I. and ChatGPT

Posted by Craig Jones on Feb 16, 2023

The era of artificial intelligence has officially begun with A.I. leader OpenAI taking the world by storm with its new ChatGPT generative A.I. tool. ChatGPT creates amazingly complex content for you by merely asking it a question. It can create excel spreadsheet formulas, write research reports for you, or even complete your homework. In a short amount of time, ChatGPT has made massive waves throughout society. So whenever we see cutting edge technology that could change life as we know it, we immediately start wondering how can we use this to help us smoke weed? So what better question could we ask than how to roll a joint with AI and ChatGPT?

So we asked ChatGPT how to roll a joint or cigarette and then we took that response and ran it through another AI generator called WordAI, which paraphrases sentences. Then we further personalized the writing style to make it more readable and human. Without Further ado, this is how the AI rolls up!

A hand-rolled joint Is the simplest, yet most customized way to smoke your cannabis flower. Man has been rolling joints and cigarettes for hundreds or even thousands of years. But it seems like they just keep getting better every time I smoke one. This is a step-by–step guide to how to roll a hand-rolled joint.

  1. Get all your supplies together, because it's time to roll up! Rolling papers, a tip or filter (if you like, but definitely if you're European), and your choice of cannabis flower are all you will need. You may also like to have a grinder with you too to make the job easier. It is very important to use only all-natural rolling papers, such as OCB or RAW. There are many sizes of rolling papers, so make sure you choose the right size for your needs. We love to roll the KING SIZE. But that's just how we roll!
  2. Take out your cannabis. At this point, depending on how much weed you have, decide what kind of person you aspire to be and how day this day is gonna go! You may also have to adjust the amount you use depending on how big the rolling paper is. The general rule is to use enough weed to create a tightly packed joint, NEVER overly tight. Cuz everybody hates that guy who took the rest of the weed and rolled it up in an annoyingly tight joint. Facts! 
  3. Lay the rolling paper flat on a clean surface, like a rolling tray. Place the glue side up. To make the glue stick, either lick the glue side of your paper or moisten it with a wet finger.
  4. Place the cannabis or tobacco on the paper near the edge nearest to you. Allow enough room at the top to roll your cigarette and a bit of space at one side to add a filter if you plan to use one.
  5. If you like to use filters, then now is the time to add one. You can use a filter made of plastic or paper to prevent the herb from entering your mouth. You can make your own filter from a piece of paper or buy ready-made filters. RAW offers cotton, glass, and their signature paper filters which all do a great job. Most of the time they are not really filtering the smoke, but keeping the mouthpiece of the joint open and your mouth away from resin and loose, rogue pieces of weed.
  6. To roll the joint, place the unglued edge of paper over the cannabis. Use your fingers to form the weed into a circular shape. Next, roll the weed and paper forward using your thumbs to apply pressure.
  7. Lick or otherwise wet the glue to seal the joint. Press the edges together.
  8. After you're done, light it up and enjoy.

An illustration of a robot rolling a joint, created by DALL-E.

You can make your own cigarettes, which allows you to select the flower you prefer. This gives you far more control over the quality and quantity of herb you roll. It is way better than purchasing pre-roll cigarettes for many reasons. The general quality of the product most companies use to make their pre-rolls are not good enough for them to sell to you as loose cannabis flower. You can also save a lot of money by rolling your own.

Your rolling experience can be made much easier with additional tools.  Rolling machines, for example, can take all the guesswork out of rolling a joint, and they will always come out perfect. Or, you can skip the entire rolling process with cones, which just need to be filled with flower and twisted closed and already include a tip.

For health reasons, however, ChatGPT does not recommend that you smoke anything, including cannabis. This is where we differ from the A.I. and recommend that you do what feels right for you. In fact, we already lit it up and got started!

A photo of a robot enjoying a blunt, created by DALL-E.

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