The Best Bongs of 2020: Percolators and Multiple Chambers

The Best Bongs of 2020: Percolators and Multiple Chambers

Posted by Craig Jones on Mar 28, 2020

What are the best bongs of 2020? We love pipes and each year there are some great bongs released as well as great classics that remain market staples. Today we will look at some of the industry leading pipes. We tried to consider form and function as well as general availability. We looked for trends and characteristics of some of the premier bongs, like the use of percolators and multiple chambers. So lets take a look at the best bongs of 2020!

As we dug into this some of this year's glass, we looked at some of the newest best bongs on the market from reputable companies to put together a list of the Best Bongs of 2020

Pounds by Snoop Dogg, Mothership Bong

The first example is the Snoop Dogg Mothership Bong. Its made with high-quality borosilicate glass and two chambers each with its own separate perc. It has an horizontal matrix perc and a UFO perc, which is very similar to a showerhead perc, but with more slits. Both of these help to give maximum diffusion.

Dopezilla 16" Cerberus BongDopezilla 12" Cerberus Bong

Looking at another line of good quality glass from Famous Brandz, the makers of Snoop Pounds and other up and coming brands is Dopezilla. Check out the Dopezilla 12" Cerberus Bong but we would opt for just a bit more power and size with the Dopezilla 16" Cerberus Bong. The 12 inch has two and the 16 inch has three honeycomb percs that filter the smoke as it rises through the pipe, thus cooling and cleaning the smoke effectively to deliver a mythical beast of a hit.  

Diamond Glass Wrap Beaker Bong

Another amazing dual percolator bong with extraordinary form and function from a great company is the Diamond Glass Warp 14.5" Beaker Bong. This thing has an awesome combined dome and matrix perc that is really unique and effective. Pair that with the ice pinch and you have huge super smooth cool hits every time. 

Diamond Glass Ranger XL Beaker Bong

If you like Diamond Glass but want a little bit more height and want the percs in separate chambers then you should look at the Diamond Glass Ranger XL Double Tree Perc Beaker Bong. This awesome pipe has two 4-arm tree percs with an ice catch. You are sure to get effective filtration and massive rips with this tube.

Medicali 14" Beaker Bong Waterpipe

The last beautiful bong with multiple chambers and multiple percolators on our best bongs of 2020 list is the 8Tree American-Made Medicali 14" Tree Perc Beaker Bong. We may have saved the best pipe for last with this handcrafted gem of a piece made with high quality borosilicate and fire polished for a seamless body. It is crafted in a Glass Beaker style and features a dual perc design that allows smoke to flow first through an 8-arm Tree Perc before rising up to an awaiting Dome Perc in the second chamber.

Percolators and Multiple Chambers - What is the purpose and how do they work?

There are many great designs for bongs. Much of bong design is simply for aesthetics and the glass blower merely wants to make a beautiful pipe. However certain design characteristics are for improved function and health. This is the reason that the best bongs have percolators and multiple chambers.

Bongs are extremely effective because they allow you to fill up a chamber so that you can then inhale a larger amount of smoke at once. This large chamber of smoke can be hot and harsh. A percolator and multiple chambers of filtration can make the hit much smoother and cooler. Let’s take a look at each of these separately to understand the purpose for each.

Percolators, or percs, are typically submerged in the water at the bottom of the bong. It is most commonly at the bottom of a downstem, and is usually built into the the pipe. Percolators come in many types and shapes, but they usually have several slits or holes that splits the smoke into many smaller particles and provides many more outlets for the smoke to pass into and through the water. For a deeper discussion of the various types of percolators, including tree percs, showerhead percs, inline percs, honeycomb percs and frit disc percs, see our previous article, Percolators and Advanced Filtration in Waterpipes.

Part of the purpose of the percolator is to diffuse and provide more surface or areas of contact for the smoke to pass through the water. It allows the water to filter the smoke more effectively and created far more bubbles in the water. While additional filtration may take some of the intended substances out of the smoke, it more importantly takes out far more of the harmful particulate matter and tar. This cools and cleans the smoke and provides for a smoother and cooler hit. A smoother hit allows the smoker to take a bigger hit and also to hold that hit in longer. This is a big factor in increasing absorption in the lungs.

Multiple chamber bongs produce a similar result as percolators, but in a different way. Quite often each chamber includes a percolator. Most commonly the first chamber is the chamber with a perc. Regardless of whether a chamber contains a percolator, each chamber provides an additional point of filtration. Each chamber adds more filtration to the smoke and removes more tar and particulate matter from the smoke. This can easily be seen by observing how much dirtier the first chamber of the bong is compared to the second or third chamber. In fact, each successive chamber will be increasingly cleaner and clearer looking than the chamber before it.

More chambers means more contact between the smoke and the water. Again this has a similar result as the percolator, meaning that the smoke is cooled and cleaned and the user can achieve a larger smoother hit. The experience is improved greatly by this filtration of the smoke and the effects can be enhanced.

The best bongs of 2020 are a great list of newcomers and a couple classic waterpipes. While there are ultra high end and heady pipes that are also amazing, we tried to limit our discussion to mass market pipes to provide valuable information to more readers. At Waterbeds 'n' Stuff, we have a huge selection of quality glass and everything you could need for smoking, vaping and dabbing. If you have any questions about these bongs or any other pipes, you can reach out to us at, on our Instagram or at one of our 12 retail stores.

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