The Best Way to Clean Your Pipe in the Coronavirus Era

The Best Way to Clean Your Pipe in the Coronavirus Era

Posted by Craig Jones on Apr 07, 2020

Recently everyone is out of alcohol and we are unable to clean our bongs and pipes in the usual way. Most cleaners and disinfectants are out of stock because of Covid-19. This is important for the health of your family with the ongoing shortage of isopropyl and other alcohol. When your family goes to disinfect, only to find that you have used everything to clean your pipes, it will be bad. Well I discovered that the best way to clean your pipe in the era of the Coronavirus is with glass pipe cleaner solution.

The current health crisis has brought this issue to the forefront, so we wanted to talk about pipe cleaning solutions. It is important to keep your bong or pipe clean for so many reasons. Bacteria and viruses are real and it is important to consistently clean your pipes. Additionally, your smoking experience will be greatly improved in terms of taste and health of every hit. Start to enjoy the flavor of the strains of flower and wax concentrates in their purity.

Pipe cleaner is probably the most effective way to clean your bong or pipe and will save you a lot of time and frustration. Companies like Formula 420, Grunge Off, and Randy's have really perfected their proprietary formulas. However, the best reason to begin using pipe cleaner is its relative availability in a time of no cleaning options. But we imagine as others begin to have this problem searching for ways to clean their pipes, there will be a rush to buy pipe cleaner solutions that could eventually leave suppliers out of stock.

Some of the best and most respected pipe cleaning solutions are:

Formula 420 Cleaner For Sale How To Clean Bongs and Pipes

Formula 420 is the O.G. of the pipe cleaning game. This product has been around the longest and has a great reputation. This stuff will quickly and easily remove the toughest stuck on resin from your bong or pipe. It will save you a lot of time and frustration. They now have the widest range of products including an all natural product.

Formula 710 How To Clean Bongs and Pipes Cleaner For Sale

Formula 710 is made by the same people that made Formula 420, but it is designed specifically for the residue from smoking wax and other concentrates. This is what I've been using recently to clean my dab rig and Puffco Peak and Formula 710 removes the residue faster than anything else I've tried.

Grunge Off Bong Cleaner For Sale

Grunge Off is designed to just soak your pipe in the solution inside the container and it advertises that you can reuse the solution. I guess you could take the solution from the container, but for my purposes this seemed good only for my hand pipes.

Bling 16 ounce cleaner.

Bling is a relatively new brand with a diverse product line similar to the other brands listed here. They have many products in their line including a Concentrated Formula and Bling Natural.

Randy's Black, Green, and Orange Label cleaning products.

Randy’s, the American creator of wired rolling paper and numerous portable vaporizers, has gotten into the game with Randy’s Black Label, Natural Orange Label, and reusable Green Label. These are another good choice from a longstanding reputable company.

Randy's Snap cleaning swabs with their box.

Randy’s Snap is an innovative product for cleaning your banger. These are q-tips whose shafts are filled with Randy's Black Label. Simply "snap" one end and to have the tip doused in the cleaning liquid. They're a little expensive for me to use on a daily basis but for travel or if you just got it like that then these are great.

There are also products that, while they are not cleaners for your pipe, they help with the cleaning process. Keep in mind that if you can make the cleaning process more efficient it can potentially help save alcohol or disinfectants for health purposes. Check out some of these maintenance and cleaning accessories:

Bottles of RezBlock in both 15 and 30 milliliter.

Rez Block is a natural resin blocker. With a blend of natural fruit and vegetable ingredients, just a few drops of RezBlock keeps your waterpipe clean. Mix it with the water in your pipe to form a coating that resin can't stick to. This means that when you smoke the resin stays in the water instead of sticking to your pipe, percolator, and downstem.

3-Pack of yellow cleaning plugs.

Cleaning Plugs - these are very convenient products so that you can put your cleaning solution inside your favorite pipe or bong and just shake the shit out of it. No worrying about it shooting across the room against the wall or on the floor.

MouthPeace Personal Bong Mouthpiece

MouthPeace is the bonus product because Coronavirus scares us so much and we may be scared to smoke from the same pipe as our friends for a while. MouthPeace is a silicone mouthpiece that keeps the smoker from touching the same surface as the other smokers. It comes in three sizes. One for a bong, one for a water pipe and one for a regular pipe. Not sure that this would truly protect me but it just sounds like a great added precaution to take.

So if you're looking for the best way to clean your pipe in the era of the coronavirus and can't find any alcohol or other disinfectants, there are plenty of pipe cleaner solutions that will suit your needs. At Waterbeds n Stuff we have many choices that clean pipes effectively and eliminate the resin and grunge from smoking dry herb as well as oil and wax concentrates. If you have any questions about any of these pipe cleaner solutions, you can reach out to us at, on our Instagram, or at one of our 12 retail stores.

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