The Need for Smell Proof Bags and the Best Smell Proof Bags

The Need for Smell Proof Bags and the Best Smell Proof Bags

Posted by Craig Jones on Feb 03, 2022

The extent of development and innovation in the legal cannabis market is truly amazing. Everyday there are new strains and we have seen every characteristic of cannabis improve. This has produced beautiful flowers with incredibly strong, unique fragrances. With the intensifying smell of cannabis comes new challenges for people who wish to keep that smell out of their cars, homes, bags, and pockets. So in this article we address the need for smell proof bags and discuss what are the best smell proof bags and backpacks on the market today.

Mexican dirt weed grown out in the uncontrolled elements has been replaced by engineered flower grown in greenhouses and under high intensity discharge lights, like metal halide and high pressure sodium as well as new high powered LED lights. The scents of some of the best cannabis has notes of fruit, garlic, skunk, and more. Some strains are just incredible!

Everyone wants herb like this, instead of that terrible musky smell of the old days or even ammonia. However, many people want to keep their environment smelling fresh. Perhaps they have children, are professionals, or just plain want to keep their surroundings neutral smelling.

Collage of various stash soltions.

Smell proof bags come in many stylish forms these days, from pocket-sized to full-sized duffel bags.

Every element of the growing environments is being controlled and optimized. For this reason we must now keep our flower in a controlled high quality containers, smell proof bags, fanny packs and backpacks. These smell proof solutions can keep you out of harm's way and prevent complicated interactions with family, friends, or even law enforcement.

No longer is it just people that are carrying quantities that need to worry. Even the smallest gram bag can stink up the entire building. Considering most states have legalized or at least decriminalized, this is no longer mainly for evading the police. This is about maintaining your privacy, keeping your business to yourself, and simply smelling good.


Luckily there are plenty of solutions designed to reduce the smell emanating from your legal cannabis. These containers have a diverse array of technology solutions to eliminate smell. Many of the best backpacks and bags have solutions that utilize activated charcoal or aluminum linings to minimize smell. There are also many varieties of smell proof containers and baggies, including TightVac and other airtight containers. There are also great low-cost plastic baggies that use thicker industrial grade plastic to contain smell within the airtight bag. Finally, plastic and glass jars are also a very popular and effective option.

There are a huge selection of smell proof backpacks and fanny packs that use very nice fabric and create a high quality seal. Now you can find these bags from the most popular smoking brands in the world such as RAW and Cookies. At Waterbeds 'n' Stuff, some of our very favorite smell proof bags come from the brand Kovert. They have such a large variety of styles and come in the most attractive looks that no one would ever suspect is smell proof for concealing your herb. Most of their bags use five layers of smell protection, including two layers of filterable non-woven fabric, with an inner layer of activated carbon and protective polyester mesh lining, all wrapped in a durable water resistant outer fabric to protects your contents from harsh weather elements.

Shop Kovert Smell Proof Bags.

Kovert smell proof bags use activated charcoal to trap all smells naturally.

There are a variety of smell proof bags and containers available on the market. Whether you need smell proof plastic baggies, packs, or large smell proof bags like backpacks you have many great options available to you. It's all about your needs and preferences.

Original Apple brand bags.      Glass stash jar that says Baking Supplies.      Kovert locking smell proof backpack.

Whether you are looking for odor blocking achieved through activated charcoal, aluminum linings, purely airtight seals or a combination of these options, Waterbeds 'n' Stuff has you covered. We have a great selection of smell proof bags, so that you can find the one that is perfect for you. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our website, Instagram or at one of our 12 retail stores.

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