​Ways to Spice Up Your Bedroom with Sweet X-Rated Treats!

​Ways to Spice Up Your Bedroom with Sweet X-Rated Treats!

Posted by Kel Long on Aug 13, 2018

Hey! People are always looking for ways men and women can spice up their bedroom, but you may be surprised when I tell you that the best way is really to sweeten’ it. It’s no secret, smell and taste are highly correlated with sexual desire and pleasure. Certain foods can act as an aphrodisiac, heightening our senses for sexual desire. But how far can the typical aphrodisiac reach? It’s hard to say cuz everyone is different, so have fun and experiment in your bedroom! In this article, I’ll discuss how to sweeten the mood and make it sexy with x- rated treats, that are aphrodisiac inspired for your sexual desire! (Ahem) In the name of science!!!

It’s a Snack - And its You!Candy Bra product and box.

Do you ever wish your partner was as edible as they looked? After setting the mood, you may have the impulse to rip their clothes off and get straight to business! Not so fast! Slow your roll! Incorporating patience into this element can really heighten the suspense and turn high key anticipation into a pleasuring surprise.

Sweet, sensual smells and tastes can do amazing things in the bedroom. The desire to taste your partner while stripping them down to bare skin has become a reality here. These edible undies will let you nibble your way to your lovers core and any place else meant for coverage or bondage. Excite your partner by letting him lick through your candy bra or even play with candy hand cuffs. There is even a candy cock ring so he can go all night and taste great too.

So many ways to excite him and make his mouth water. Tease him and turn him on with yummy candy nipple tassels and candy garter. No one is turning down sweet delicious treats today.

How Many Licks Does it Take?         adult products for sale

For those of you who love dessert but can’t always control yourself (we won’t tell if you don’t!), Doc Johnson’s Good Head or Peter Licker makes him taste scrumptious and much sweeter with their delectable oral flavors! Make the experience so much better for him and you by adding some delicious flavors and more pleasure. It’s always good to get it sweet and ready before fully indulging, if you know what I mean!

Massaging and Rubbing Never Tasted and Felt Better!

Traditional lotions and lubes may not sound like the sexiest thing in the world, but when you add fruity flavored experiences to the mix, it can get super hot and delicious. Liquid Love is amazing how it gently warms all of the right places and tastes great. Every touch and every breath feels warm and sensual on your skin. Sexy, warm, and wet…sounds like a night to remember!

Our Aphrodisiac inspired collection will have you feeling, looking, and tasting like the snack that you are! Embrace what your feel good sensations; (touch, smell, and taste) have to offer with these aphrodisiac inspired gems when you can! Visit  waterbedsnstuff.com or come to one of our 13 retail locations throughout Columbus and Central Ohio for the best selection of x-rated treats and other adult products

Can you guess what fruits in this article are considered aphrodisiacs!?

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