What are the Different Types of Rolling Papers and Brands

What are the Different Types of Rolling Papers and Brands

Posted by Zachary Hinson on Aug 01, 2018

Rolling papers have been a staple of the smoking community for many years. They are perhaps the cheapest and most notorious accessory for the most popular method of tobacco and legal herbal smoking consumption. Some of the most popular companies have become household names such as RAW, Elements, Juicy Jay, Futurola, Joker, and Zig-Zag, as well as many more. The reason there are so many companies is that each one has their own branding, and typically a slightly unique design or blend of paper.

The distinguishing characteristics that separate the various brands and grades of papers are numerous. Some companies use additives to make their ashes a certain color, or to make their papers burn slower, or faster. Some companies use all natural organic materials, while others use synthetic papers to cut costs. There are even companies that use hemp or rice or even a combination to make their papers. Additionally, many companies have multiple options of size, thickness, and even sometimes flavor. Recently we have even seen 24K gold rolling papers like the papers seen on 2 Chainz’s “Most Expensivest Shit.”

Perhaps the most historically recognizable brand of rolling papers is Zig-Zag. While recently they have not been the choice of many connoisseurs, they are notably popular. Almost every gas station, glass shop, and novelty store carries their line of papers, simply because of their notoriety and history of popularity. They have been referenced in many songs in popular music by name, as well as featured on television and movies. Zig-Zag papers are traditionally made from natural wood pulp and flax with a natural gum arabic. However, recently like most brands, they have begun to diversify their offering and offer some options of materials. They come in five sizes and various thicknesses.

The top papers at the moment for connoisseurs tend to be either RAW or Elements. Both companies, like many other rolling paper companies, are owned and manufactured by Alcoy, a Spanish company. Each company has its strong suits but RAW is currently dominating the market due to the fact that their ability to reach their demographic is unbridled. They are the best marketers in the business. On top of that, they have some of the smoothest and best burning papers in the game. All of RAW’s papers are all natural hemp with no additives. This is said to be the real secret to their success, as well as being able to predict trends and get ahead with RAW branding. Raw also has the most successful line of pre-rolled cones on the market and can be found in just about any place that sells smoking supplies. RAW also has a massive assortment of sizes, in three completely different lines. The first line is RAW Classic, the second RAW Organic, and the third is RAW Black. Each is meant to provide a different smoking experience.

Raw dominated early on in the pre-rolled cone market and it still has a big lead. Raw cones can be found in almost every gas station, tobacco shop, smoke shop, or dispensary in the United States. This has propelled them far ahead of the competition.

Element doesn't have as many options as RAW, but they are recognized as natural which makes them extremely popular with connoisseurs. Instead of being made of hemp like RAW, Element produces rice papers. This provides a very smooth, somewhat faster burning smoking experience compared to RAW. But Elements are produced with completely sustainable methods utilizing wind power to make papers from rice and sugar. Elements also famously advertise being so thin they don’t even leave an ash.

Juicy Jay is another massively popular rolling paper company owned by Alcoy. They make their papers exclusively for legal herbal smoking blends. Unlike RAW, or Element, Juicy flavors their papers in order to reach their target audience. They have a massive assortment of flavors in not only their classic thickness but also extra thin for a quicker burn. Juicy has anything from pineapples to chocolate chip cookies, and all of their papers have a cute little print of the flavor it should taste like, on the outside of the paper. Not every shop carries all of their flavors, but most shops carry at least a few options. Juicy papers are made from hemp, with natural soy ink and an all natural gum. Due to the company’s wide variety of flavors and quality ingredients, Juicy is a popular choice for any smoker.

Futurola is a classic Amsterdam brand that makes papers comprised of all natural ingredients. They are refined without the use of chemicals and feature an all natural arabic gum produced in France. This brand is notorious in the United States for being an Amsterdam brand, which was for many years considered the mecca for smoking enthusiasts. This brought with it a lot of acclaim for the company, and was directly the source of the company’s instant success. Ultimately, with so many options in smoking papers, it comes down to the smokers preference of materials used to make the paper and brand allegiance more than anything.

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