What Makes Raw Natural Rolling Papers the Best

What Makes Raw Natural Rolling Papers the Best

Posted by Craig Jones on Jul 07, 2021

The meteoric rise of RAW Natural Rolling Papers has been amazing and unparalleled. We have been in the industry almost half a century and it is very rare that one brand separates itself from the rest of the pack. RAW has truly emerged as one of the premier consumer brands of our time. Its visionary leader continues to innovate while keeping the highest standards. RAW uses the finest ingredients to produce constant product innovation with the most complete product line, and maintains a commitment to sustainability and charity. So let's discuss what really puts them in a class of their own and makes RAW Natural Rolling Papers the best papers in the world.

Finest All Natural and Pure Ingredients

When it comes to something as seemingly simple and mundane as a rolling paper, it is important to focus on the details. RAW was born out of the quest of Josh Kesselman to develop a 100% natural, unbleached and unrefined rolling paper. No preservatives, whiteners or artificial additives, GMOs, or chemical gums; just pure, natural goodness so you can taste the true essence of your flower unadulterated by the flavor of additives and chalky ash whitening agents.

The most important thing is that RAW starts with the finest all natural, unbleached, unrefined papers whether it is a classic style rice paper or hemp. You can also find both of those paper styles in organic as well. 

The gum of rolling papers are another place where many companies skimp and use cheaper gums. RAW goes the extra step and uses only vegan, natural sap of the Ethiopian or Senegalese acacia tree. These details may be wasted on some people, but as someone who truly loves to burn one down and enjoy every bit of the flavor, its definitely worth it.

Constant Innovation of Products

RAW also constantly innovates and comes up with new products to keep it interesting. In addition to having every type of rolling paper in every size imaginable, Raw also creates an impressive array of smoking products and accessories. There are tons of the typical accessories like rolling trays and rolling machines as well as everything from a RAW Joint Chiller to a Smoking Ring, and even a cigarette holder that can hold 3 smokes at once.

RAW started their journey by perfecting the rolling paper, the most fundamental part of the smoking arsenal. After their first innovation with the all natural rolling papers, they basically pioneered the pre roll and took over that massive market. We love the pre rolled cones so we decided to break down all the sizes of cones made by RAW.

Complete Well-Rounded Product Line

As an example of the great depth of the RAW product line, we will look at pre roll cones. It's an amazingly vast array of sizes and preferences just dedicated to cones. Sizes of Cones:

RAW Classic 1¼ Cones - These are the original RAW Cones that totally changed the game in the most popular 78mm size.

Raw Classic 1.25 pre rolled cone

RAW Classic 98 Special Cone - Here is a unique in-between size that RAW made just because they like to design great products that appeal to every consumer. These are right between the 1 1/4 cones and the kingsize cones in length at 98mm but a bit thinner. This is a product semi-designed for a lot of the dispensary pre-rolls. 

A box of Raw 98 Special cones.

RAW Classic Kingsize Cones - These are the same length as typical 110mm kingsize papers

Raw Classic King Size Pre Rolled Cone

RAW Classic Lean Cones - These are a very unique cone because it is the same kingsize 110m length but it is thinner with a longer tip.

Raw Classic King Size Pre Rolled Cone

RAW Classic Peacemaker Cone - These are 30% longer than a Kingsize Cone at 140mm and come in 3-packs or also in the RAWket Launcher Packs.

Peacemaker Cone 3-Pack20 Stage RAWket Launcher- Includes Peacemaker Cone

RAW Emperador - This paper is almost twice the length of a kingsize cone at an amazing 8 inches or 180mm.

Raw Emperador Pre Rolled Cone

RAW Supernatural Cone - This is one full foot of madness. Yes that’s an intoxicating, yet intimidating 12 inches or 280mm to fill with your favorite flower. Probably best to share this one with some friends or to get the whole party lifted.

Raw Supernatural Pre Rolled Cone

There is one additional size up in cones, but at 600mm that's just insane. That's why its called the RAW Classic Challenge Cone. But if you’re looking to really party then more power to you!

In addition to the rolling papers RAW sells so many other amazing unique smoking products, including dry herb grinders, rolling machines and trays, and many more things as far out as a smoking ring. The company has even gone one step past smoking products and now sells shirts, socks, hats and a smell-proof backpack among other things.

Commitment to Sustainability and Charity

We decided to include this last section because we really value companies that try to minimize their footprint and use sustainable sourcing of ingredients and production methods. They are focused on using only earth friendly materials and harvesting them in a sustainable manner. We also have the utmost respect for RAW’s work with the RAW Foundation to give back. The company donates an undisclosed amount of each purchase to fund the foundation for charitable work to help communities in need around the world. We love this and we are proud to be an official raw distributors and sellers!

Thanking the Raw Foundation.

RAW continues to impress us with their products and innovation, demonstrating exactly what makes RAW Natural Rolling Papers the best papers in the world! We are proud to be one of an elite few official RAW distributors and sellers. We will continue to stock the full assortment of RAW products to make sure we have the very best selection of RAW Rolling Papers and other RAW products. At Waterbeds 'n' Stuff, we have a huge selection of RAW and everything you could need for smoking, vaping and dabbing. If you have any questions about these or any other products, you can reach out to us at waterbedsnstuff.com, on our Instagram or at one of our 12 retail stores.

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