Chameleon Glass Color Screw Pastel Pipe, Purple

By: Chameleon Glass

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Swirled Spiral Pipe

  • 5" Pipe
  • Textured Lines
  • Hand Made in USA

Wrap your fingers and lips around this awesome shell-shaped pipe from Chameleon Glass for a sensation you won't soon forget. The Color Screw Pastel Pipe was designed with tactile feel in mind, the lines of colored glass laced around the pipe to provide a feeling missing from most other pipes.

The Color Screw Pipe is a 5" long spoon-shaped glass hand pipe with a white body and colored lines swirled around the outside. The bottom is flat so it can rest easy on any surface, and the top is adorned with a colorful marble. There's a carb on the left side to regulate airflow for the perfect draw every time.

From Chameleon Glass:

The Color Screw Pastel Glass Pipe selection is an update on previous Color Screw Glass Pipes that featured single or opaque colors. Covered, then lined and twisted, these pipes also offer an under rated part of glass blowing: Texture. We left the lines nice and thick for an excellent hand feel.

Made in America

All of Chameleon Glass's pipes are made by hand in California, USA, by a team of skilled artisans. Because each pipe is made by hand, yours may differ slightly in size or design from what's pictured above.