Chameleon Glass Optometrist Eyeball Pipe, Fumed

By: Chameleon Glass

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It may look scary, but Chameleon Glass' "Optometrist" Eyeball Glass Pipe is so popular it helped bring about the creation of the Cyclops Glass Pipe. Unlike that one, however, the Optometrist is made with a color changing body.

This pipe is 4" long, has a carb on the right side, and is built like a long, slim spoon. It's decorated with raised nerves along its stem and the eyeball on the front comes in a random assortment of colors.

Color Changing with Silver Fuming

This pipe is naturally an amber yellow color, but is made with silver fuming, so it will change to blues and greens with use.

Made with Love by Chameleon Glass

Based in California, Chameleon Glass has been making hand-crafted, double-blown glass pipes for almost 30 years. Every piece they produce is made with love and care, and Chameleon ensures nothing leaves their studio with any imperfection, meaning you only get the best.

Since each pipe is hand blown, no two are the same. Size and color may vary between pieces.

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