Chameleon Glass Deathly Hallows Glow in the Dark Pipe

By: Chameleon Glass

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"The Elder Wand, the most powerful wand ever made. The Resurrection Stone. The Cloak of Invisibility. Together, they make the Deathly Hallows. Together, they make one master of death." – Xenophilius Lovegood

Be the master of your own world with this Glow in the Dark pipe by Chameleon Glass, featuring the symbol of the Deathly Hallows inscribed on its neck which gently glows after absorbing UV light.

The Deathly Hallows Glow in the Dark Glass Pipe signifies your ability to secretly puff unseen, win any 'cup'battle and while that bowl looks dead and gone, with a waive of a poker, bring it back to life for one more dance. And, while you are secretly moving about under cover of your Hallow, the Glow in the Dark glass can help light your way!