Chameleon Glass Faded Frit Ribbed Pipe

By: Chameleon Glass

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  • 4.25" Long
  • Ribbed Frit Glass with Gradating Colors
  • Hand Made in California, USA

Feast your eyes on Chameleon Glass's exquisite Faded Frit Ribbed Pipes! Made with a gradating color encased in smooth, clear glass, these pipes are obviously masterfully worked. And like a cherry on a cake, three glass marbles give the smooth shape a fun texture.

These pipes are 4.25" long and shaped like a traditional glass spoon pipe. Each one has a very distinct gradient of colors accentuated by three marbles on the right side of the bowl. The left side of the bowl has a carb to regulate airflow for the perfect draw every time.

A quote from Chameleon Glass about the Faded Frit Ribbed Pipe:

The Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe is a two tone masterpiece, each with an assortment of colors. The frit is then worked into a ribbed pattern, before being completely melted into the glass. Then a trio of glass marbles are added to the bowl end for beautiful texture. Need a gift for a Sport-A-Holic? These color combos represent many Professional and Recreational sports teams!

Available in Assorted Colors

Chameleon Glass Faded Frit Ribbed Pipes are available in a wide assortment of colors such as Red to Blue, Orange to Purple, Teal to Black, Yellow to Green, and Blue to Orange! Specify your color preference at checkout by adding Order Notes. Do note, however, that we receive these pipes in a random assortment and cannot guarantee any one specific style will be in stock. We will do our best to fill your order, but if we happen to not have your requested color we will contact you and let you know what options we have available to fulfill your order.

Made in America

Like all other Chameleon Glass pipes, these Faded Frit Ribbed Pipes are crafted in California, USA, to a very high standard. Each pipe is made by hand, so the one you receive may vary slightly from what's pictured above, but no pipe leaves Chameleon Glass's workshop without a thorough inspection for perfection. It's that quality that we pass on to you, so you know you're getting the best!