ChillHit Freezable Mouthpiece


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Portable, Removable, Chillable

Enjoy chilled hits without any ice! The ChillHit mouthpiece can be frozen and slipped on top of your favorite glass water pipe to cool smoke effectively through one simple little attachment. The ChillHit is less than 4 inches tall and can fit most mouthpieces thanks to its conical design. With this attachment smoke can be cooled by up to 96°! Simply place it in your freezer for about an hour and it's ready to go.

The conical design of the ChillHit flares from 1.25" at the bottom to 2" wide at the top, allowing it to slip into most mouthpieces and be pulled out when the session is over.

Easy to Use

  1. Freeze ChillHit until it is ice cold (about 1 hour)
  2. Place ChillHit in your smoking device
  3. Take a ChillHit
  4. Repeat

Available in Assorted Bright Colors

ChillHit is available in neon-bright colors such as Blue, Purple, and Pink. Each order will receive one at random.

Freezable Glycerine