4" Clear Glass Spoon Pipe with Etched Graphics


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  • 4" Long
  • Clear Glass Spoon Pipe
  • Various Etched Decals
  • Assorted Swirled Color around Bowl
  • Flat Bottom, Carb, and Roll Stop

Thick glass and a long neck are the highlights of this pipe. With excellent performance packed into a tiny package, these 4" Clear Glass Spoon Pipes with Etched Graphics fit perfectly in a pocket for smoking anywhere.

Each pipe is made from clear glass along its whole length save for some color swirled around the bowl at the top and a decal sand blasted into the top of the neck. There are a wide assortment of graphics available; check out the pictures above for examples of a few.

These spoon pipes can be set down comfortably since their bowls have a flat bottom, and a carb on the bowl's left side helps get the right airflow for perfect hits.

Available in Frosted with Clear Graphics

If you wish this pipe wasn't made with clear glass, you're in luck! We carry 4" Frosted Glass Spoon Pipes with Clear Graphics, the inverse of these pipes. If that's what you're interested in, head to its product page and check it out today.

We also carry an outrageous, extra large edition of these pipes! A 9" Extra Large Clear Glass Spoon Pipe with Etched Decals and also a 9" Frosted Glass Pipe. They all have the same graphics on them, so be sure to check them all out.

Available in an Assortment of Styles

From their wide range of graphics to the various colors around the bowls of these pipes, we carry such a wide assortment of these pipes it's difficult to give you a selection on this web page. Listed below are some variations, but they may change with time.

The easiest way to know what we have at this moment is to Contact Us and we can help you out in getting the perfect piece. But if you copy the Graphic or Color you would like from the list below and put your selection in the Order Notes during checkout, we can try to get you the pipe you want, although we cannot guarantee your selection will be in stock.

Available Graphics:

  • My Fucking Pipe
  • 4:20 (with a marijuana leaf)
  • 99% Virgin
  • One Love
  • Pot Star
  • Munchies
  • Go Green (with an Alien)
  • Inhale