Cupid Xpandable

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Truly Undetectable Urine Delivery Device Designed for Women

Fake pee not included with this kit! To complete the experience, buy synthetic urine today.

We are excited to announce the introduction of a product that will change female urine substitution forever. Like our other innovative female products, CUPID Xpandable will deliver a golden shower at exact body temperature, while remaining completely hidden from view. But her new expandable urine reservoir allows women the ability to choose the volume she is comfortable with. By eliminating the rigid bottle, Xpandable will conform to the shape of your vagina. Making this our most comfortable and user-friendly product ever. The next feature most requested by our customer's was silent operation. Guess what? You asked, we listened. Xpandable is completely silent during operation. After-all, the only sounds we want to hear during these intimate moments is heavy breathing, right?

So there you have it, Ladies. While our competitors are stuck offering you knock-offs of an outdated men's device, a comical and clumsy costume that does nothing to promote intimacy during your fetish fantasy, Sexxi Showers has worked hard to bring you the ultimate wet sex toy. Realistic, body temperature urine stream, completely hidden and silent during use. Xpandable is also made of high grade medical components and, as always, assembled right here in California.

If you have a golden shower coming up, just you and your man or at a party under the watchful eyes of other wet sex practitioners, Xpandable is hands down your best choice.

Included in this Kit

The CUPID Xpandable package includes everything you need to install and get comfortable with the system, but this product does not include synthetic urine. You can buy fake pee separately on our site; throw it in with this product in your order to receive it at the same time. The Cupid Xpandable kit includes:

  • Expandable Urine Reservoir
  • Control Valve
  • 18" Extension Hose
  • Release Hose
  • 20ml syringe

Directions for Use

  1. Remove all items and lay them out on a clean surface.
  2. Pour your urine into a clean bowl.
  3. Attach extension hose (D) (BLUE/WHITE connector) to syringe (B) (BLUE/WHITE connector).
  4. Submerge open end of extension hose (D) in urine and pull back trigger on syringe to fill.
  5. Once your syringe and hose are full of clean urine, make sure the Control Valve (C) is in the closed position, meaning it is perpendicular/cross-wise to the tubing, and apply a small amount of lube on the connector and attach the Control Valve (C) (RED connector) to Extension Hose (D) (RED connector)
  6. Attach urine reservoir (E) (BLACK) to control valve (C) (BLACK).
  7. Insert urine reservoir (E) into vagina, and open the Control Valve (C) by making sure it is parallel with the tubing.
  8. Depress syringe slowly to fill the reservoir.
  9. Close the Control Valve (C) and remove the Extension Hose (D) (RED connections) and repeat steps 4-8 as necessary until reservoir is filled comfortably.
  10. Once reservoir is filled, close control valve (C) and remove extension hose (D).
  11. When ready to play, simply reach down and open the Control Valve and let the fun begin!

Alternatively to step 11, instead of using the Control Valve, you can use the Release Hose:

  1. (Continuing from step 10) Attach Release Hose (A) (RED connector) to Control Valve (C) (RED connector) and move the plastic clip to a comfortable position before pressing it in and clamping the hose. Cut to remove excess tubing.
  2. Open the Control Valve. The clamped release hose will keep the urine contained.
  3. When ready to play, unclamp the Release Hose's clip to let the fun begin!

Tips for Use

  • Practice as often as possible. The more you practice, the more natural your golden shower will look and feel.
  • When closing your control valve, use the plunger on the syringe for guidance. If the plunger moves up, your valve is still open.
  • It is important to become comfortable using the Cupid Xpandable, especially before performing.


Cupid Xpandable is designed as an adult fetish toy to enhance your golden shower experience. None of Sexxi Showers' products are intended to violate any Federal, State, or Local laws. By purchasing, consumer agrees to use the Cupid Xpandable for its intended purpose ONLY.
If you experience any pain or discomfort while using this product, stop use immediately and consult your doctor.