Double Flame Flip-Top Metal Pocket Torch

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Flip-Top Style Pocket Torch

Bring back the old days of flip-open lighters into a new era with these Special Blue Double Flame Flip-Top Pocket Torch. With the power of two flames burning from pure butane this pocket torch is ready to handle any job. And, thanks to its torch-style flame, it won't be extinguished by any breeze or wind; its flames will stay strong and straight. The anodized metal body of these torches will keep them resilient and strong, able to take any fall without any surface damage!

These torches are slim and pocketable. Measuring 2.75" tall and 1.5" wide, they're only a little larger than a common matchbook.

Adjustable Flame

On the back of the body is a lever that can adjust the flame length & strength, so whether you need a low and slow flame or a powerful burner this torch can do it all!

Refillable Tank

When the flame looses its... flame, don't throw it out! This is a nice lighter! Simply refill it! At the bottom of the lighter is a port which accepts most butane canisters. Simply plug in your favorite butane and breathe new life into your lighter!

Don't forget to pick up butane!

 Available in assorted colors

Available in red, blue, silver, or black. We will pick one at random for you but if you specify which color you would like we will do our best to fulfill it.

Display Cases of 20 Available

Order 20 torches to get a display case filled with these pocket torches, 5 each of the 4 available colors: red, blue, silver, and black.