Frit Glass Donut Nectar Collector, Assorted

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This product is available in an assortment of colors and styles.

Cool Frit Glass Straws

  • 7" Long Fully Assembled
  • Donut Chamber to Split & Cool Smoke
  • Beautiful Frit Glass Designs

It doesn't take much to enjoy your dabs and concentrates. All you really need is a straw with a good quartz tip, and Sol has you covered with this Donut Nectar Collector. Featuring a thick glass body and a quartz nail that can be attached with an included clip, this straw is very easy to take with you wherever you go, assemble to enjoy your concentrates, and break back down when it's time to go!

The 10mm joint at the front of the straw can accept most attachments or your preferred quartz nail, but the included one works great. Just slide it in and use the included clip to bridge them together so it doesn't fall out.

Available in Assorted Colors & Styles

These Nectar Collectors are all designed with fritted glass, where spiraling, cool designs are encased in a layer of clear glass. The designs and colors they boast, however, are widely varied and different. Because of this, each order will receive one at random. We cannot guarantee any particular color or style will be in stock, and they are subject to change without notice.