Lookah Seahorse Coil II: Dual Ceramic Coil E-Nectar Collector Tips, 5-Pack

By: Lookah Glass

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  • 510 threaded ceramic e-nectar collector tips. 
  • Dual ceramic coils for high-temp dabs. 
  • Pack of 5 coils. 

Extend the battery life of your e-nectar collectors with these high efficiency ceramic tips.

Unlike most other tips on the market, the Lookah Seahorse Coil II: Dual Ceramic Coil Tips use ceramic as their medium.

While Quartz delivers a pure, clean taste, ceramic will heat up very quickly and retain heat longer, meaning the time you spend holding your dabber's power button will be shorter. You'll notice the savings too: your dab straws will last up to 20% longer using these efficient coils.

With the Lookah Seahorse Coil II you'll no longer be asking yourself "how to dab without a dab rig?" You'll have a portable e-nectar collector you know will last thanks to efficient ceramic tips.

Lookah Seahorse Coil-Ⅱ is a new design wax dab pen coil with double ceramic coils at the tip.

Compared with the Lookah Seahorse Quartz Coil-Ⅰ, which delivers better taste, the ceramic coil system pays more attention to the heat. The tip is perfect for quick dabbing due to its fast heat-up time and heat retention.

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Connection Type:
510 Thread
1.2 Ohm