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  • 650 mAh electric nectar collector. 
  • Straight-through, open airflow makes cleaning easy and clogs a thing of the past. 
  • Topped with a Lookah Seahorse Coil V, the newest quartz dab coil. 
  • 3 voltage settings from 3.2 V - 4.1 V. 
  • Includes a hose + adapter for water pipes. 

If you're looking for a new e-nectar collector for portable dabbing, your quest is over! the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus is the culmination of years of development to create the most efficient, most portable, and most multi-use electric dabber on the market.

Compared to the Lookah Seahorse or Seahorse 2.0, the body of the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus stands apart. Most of its airflow happens in an open, removable glass chamber to cool and intensify flavors.

Clogs will be a thing of the past thanks to the easily-to-clean, straight airflow tube between the mouthpiece and tip. With the included cleaning tool, one or two quick scrubs will ensure the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus will always work just like new.

The tip of the Seahorse Pro Plus is a 510 thread, which means it can accept a wide range of other vaping accessories including 510 thread vape carts and even dab coils.

But you wouldn't buy an awesome e-nectar collector to use it as a glorified vape pen! The Seahorse Pro Plus come equipped with a Lookah Seahorse Coil V, a very cool see-through coil with a porous quartz tip sure to give you the most from your dabs. Quartz offers clean, rich tastes and supports low-temp dabbing for healthier dabs.

Included with every Seahorse Pro Plus is a very handy accessory: a Connection Hose to connect your Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus to any 14mm or 19mm water pipe. Enjoy dabs without messing with flames or hot bangers! Connect your Lookah Seahorse Pro and enjoy dabs with extra water filtration.

So when it comes to other e-nectar collectors or dab pens, nothing compares! The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus is loaded with features that make it hard to put down. Try it for yourself and you'll see!

The reviews are in: The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus beats the Randy's Path Plus in quality, longevity, and dependability. Find out what everyone's talking about and grab a Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus e-nectar collector today.

Lookah's Seahorse Pro Plus nectar collector takes the evolution of the popular Seahorse dab pen to the next level. The aesthetics and design are in keeping with the Seahorse Pro. The distinctive glass mouthpiece is removable for easy cleaning. The standard coil cap now has a magnetic connection, so it's more convenient and won't work loose or fall off.

The Seahorse Pro Plus vape pen comes with a new type of tip: an improved, more durable porous quartz tip. This features a clear glass surround to see the vapor from when it vaporizes from wax on the tip right the way through the mouthpiece.

The battery is 650mAh which should see you through 10 to 15 dabs (depending on the mode and temperature settings) for each full charge. When it comes to charging, the Seahorse Pro Plus has a type C USB port, so there is no faffing with getting the cable the right way around.

The Pro Plus nectar collector is compatible with all the 510 thread Lookah seahorse tips.

Lookah Glass

How to Use the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus

Turn on / off

  1. Press the power button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus on or off.

Change Voltage

Press the power button 2 times quickly to change the voltage. Voltage will cycle through 3 modes:

  • Mode 1 (Low): Blue - 3.2 V
  • Mode 2 (Mid): Purple - 3.6 V
  • Mode 3 (High): White - 4.1 V

Manual Mode for Wax / CBD

  1. Turn the device on. 
  2. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to heat up and start vaping. Continue to hold the power button to vape for up to 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, the device will stop heating.

Session Mode for Wax

  1. Turn the device on. 
  2. Press the power button 3 times within 1.5 seconds to start the Session Mode. 
  3. In Session Moe, the device will preheat for 15 seconds (indicator light will flash while preheating). Then the device will keep heating automatically for 30 seconds (indicator light will remain solid).
  4. After automatically running for 30 seconds the device will stop heating and return to the Manual Mode. 
  • Press the power button 3 times to restart the Session Mode. 
  • While in Session Mode, press the power button 3 times quickly to stop Session Mode.

Alarm Indications

  • 8 red flashes: Low battery. Charge the device.
  • 5 purple flashes: Temperature protection. Leave the device to cool down before trying to use it again.
  • 10 yellow flashes: Output short-circuit. Reseat or replace the tip. 
  • 5 yellow flashes: Open-circuit. Reseat or replace the tip.
  • 12 cyan flashes: Output overload. Output resistance > 1 Ohm. Replace tip. 
  • Indicator light flashes 2 times with temperature setting color: Manual Mode Overtime.


    • When charging, the indicator light flashes red.
    • When fully charged, the incidcator light will remain solid cyan.

CAUTION: The recommended charging input voltage is 5 V. Do not use a charger with a higher voltage. Higher voltages risk permanently damaging the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus.

Safety Features of the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus

  • Maximum continuous using time in Manual Mode is 20 seconds. After 20 seconds the device will power off automatically.
  • Maximum continuous using time in Session Mode is 45 seconds. After 45 seconds the device will power off automatically.
  • Low voltage protection: if the voltage is lower than 3.3 V when no coil is attached, the device will power off automatically.
  • If voltage is lower than 2.95 V when a coil is attached, the device will power off automatically.
  • High resistance protection: if the resistance is over 5 Ohm, the device will power off automatically.
  • Short-circuit protection: No output when the load is lower than 0.5 Ohm.
  • Temperature protection: if the PCBA temperature is higher than 85deg C the device will automatically power off.


  • The Seahorse is a high-temperature product. It is normal that the housing becomes moderately heated during use. 
  • If the housing gets too hot to touch by hand during use, please turn off to cool down. 
  • Continuous use may trigger over-heat protection system to force the device to stop working until the temperature falls to a safe range. 
Battery mAh:
650 mAh
Voltage Range:
3.2 V - 4.1 V
Connection Type:
510 Thread
Coil Material:
Charging Input Voltage:
5 V

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  • 5
    Lookah seahorse pro plus

    Posted by Michael Tankersley on Oct 23, 2023

    Works great ! Blows clouds. Hard to find coils.

  • 5
    Lookah fan

    Posted by Michael Tankersley on Oct 21, 2023

    Great product!

  • 5
    Lookah seahorse pro plus

    Posted by Wes on Feb 15, 2023

    Hits like a charm, works well would suggest ordering extra coils right away, but stays charged for a while when in use. Definitely going to be my daily driver on the run, overall I will be buying more lookah products the quality is excellent & shoutout for the super fast safe shipping was very impressive