Lookah Seahorse Coil III: Ceramic Tube E-Nectar Collector Tips, 3-Pack

By: Lookah Glass

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  • 510 thread ceramic electric nectar collector coils. 
  • Not compatible with first-generation Seahorse and Seahorse Pro
  • Ceramic tube creates huge clouds with its large surface area. 
  • 3 coils per pack. 

Do you like dabbing anytime, anywhere? Do you like making huge clouds, especially while outside?

Most dab pens won't make the big clouds you need, and if you want to dab without a dab rig then you need these Lookah Seahorse Coil III: Ceramic Tube Tips for your favorite e-nectar collector!

These dab straw tips are, as the name suggests, a ceramic tube. Ceramic heats fast, retains its heat, and is a very efficient material for heating waxy concentrates.

Because this coil is entirely ceramic, that gives it an enormous surface area for heating your dabs. Larger dabbing area means larger clouds!

The Lookah Seahorse Coil III has such a low resistance, at 0.6 Ohms, that it will only take half as much power to get the same effect as other Seahorse Coils. This means your battery will possibly last twice as long, using only half of the power you would otherwise need to dab!

This highly efficient coil is not compatible with first-gen Seahorse products. Be sure to use this coil with the Seahorse 2.0, Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus, and other newer editions. See the compatible products list below for the compatible products we carry.

The 510 thread coils have a ceramic tube-like honey staw which has a more contact surface and a larger airway creating voluminous clouds of vapor.

Ideal for cloud chases and those wanting big rips the Seahorse Coil Ⅲ brings greater vapor than the other quartz or ceramic Seahorse coils.

When using this Seahorse coil, heat it a little first so it reaches a good temperature. It is best to angle the tip at a 45-degree angle when bringing it into contact with your chosen wax concentrate. As the hot tip melts your concentrate inhales steadily for a luscious lung full of tasty vapor to heighten your senses.

Lookah Glass

Compatible Products

Lookah Seahorse Coil III is not compatible with first-gen Seahorse products such as the Seahorse and Seahorse Pro. Be sure to only use this coil with more recent Seahorse verions including:

Connection Type:
510 Thread
0.6 Ohm