Graffix 6" Skinny Acrylic Steamroller, Assorted Colors

By: Graffix

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  • 6" long acrylic steamroller. 
  • Skinny 1.5" mouthpiece. 
  • Includes fixed glass bowl. 
  • Available in assorted colors. 
  • Made in America! 

Do you love enjoying a good smoke but don't want the hassle of cleaning dirty water or a deep chamber that's hard to reach? Grab a Steamroller to enjoy your favorite smokes without any such worries!

Built at a "Skinny" 1.5" diameter, these steamrollers are fun to use and look cute to boot, especially these shorter ones.

This Graffix 6" Skinny Steamroller is a 6" long tube capped with soft rubber pieces. One end acts as the mouthpiece and the other as a large carburetor. Simply use the built-in glass bowl to load your favorite herbal blend, and enjoy perfect hits on this compact hand pipe!

We carry our Graffix steamroller pipes in a wide assortment of colors. The pictures above do not reflect our current assortment. Each order will receive a random color.

Upgrade your Bowl

The bowl included with this bong can be unscrewed and replaced. Consider upgrading to one of these larger bowls for a better smoking experience:

The Graffix Steam Roller takes the hassle out of constantly changing dirty pipe water, or worrying about spilling it on the floor. This piece provides the same robustness of any item on the Graffix line and ensures the simple, enjoyable ease of smoking from a steam roller.