GRAV 12mm Graphic Taster, Assorted


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This product is available in an assortment of colors & designs.
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Grav, one of the leading crafters of high-quality, scientific-grade glass smoking pieces, brings you these 12mm Graphic Tasters for a discreet, portable smoking solution. Featuring an assortment of bright colors and fun designs, they're sure to impress friends and followers alike. Although hand-crafted so no two are alike, each of these tasters are built with a substantial bowl at one end and a mouthpiece at the other, as well as a marble roll stop.

What Does 12mm Mean?

12mm denotes how wide these pieces are; they're about the thickness of a middle finger. We also carry 16mm tasters, which are about as thick as a thumb; if you want something larger than 12mm, check them out!

Compatible with the Grav Taster with Silicone Skin

If you love having tasters with you and enjoy the single-smoke lifestyle, you'll be happy to know we sell a cool glass taster with a silicone casing! It's Grav's 12mm Taster with Silicone Skin, which is a colored silicone shield around one of Grav's high-quality glass tasters. But I didn't bring this up to pitch that product to you, I'm letting you know that these 12mm Graphic Tasters are compatible with the silicone skin, so you can be confident you can transport your favorite tasters in style, securely! Even better, the Silicone Skin lets you pre-pack the bowl since it covers the bowl side, allowing you to not only have your taster ready for you, but also to transport your herbal blend of choice. Check it out today, and swap out its ordinary glass taster with one of these cool graphic ones!

Available in Assorted Colors & Designs

We carry a large variety of these 12mm Graphic Tasters, both in color and graphic. Check out the pictures above for a small selection of what we offer. On top of colors like Blue, Green, White, and Black, we have graphics like Keytar, Boombox, Diamonds, Space Invaders, and Octopus, along with many, many more!