GRAV 7" Clear Classic Steamroller

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The 25mm thick wall Steamroller includes a push bowl, marbled feet, and a custom inverted ash-catching mouthpiece.

25mm thick wall borosilicate available in multitude of color options with logo sandblasted thereupon.

There's a lot of beauty in simplicity. The GRAV® Clear Classic Steamroller is one long uninterrupted tube of crystal clear glass. This piece has smart details like stabilizing glass feet and an inverted ash catching mouthpiece, but otherwise it keeps things clean and smooth. Steamrollers are great for building up a big cloud for a hefty hit, and this one does the job with style. You need a piece that's as strong and classic as you are, because that's just how you roll.

Be sure to check out the Grav 7" Colored Classic Steamroller if you long for a splash of color from your pipes! Whether you have a favorite color or are looking to complement your style, Grav has a collection of colors you're sure to love.
Or, if you want a more portable pipe, have a look at the Grav 5" Clear Mini Steamroller. It's 2 inches shorter and .5" narrower, easy to slip into a pocket or pencil bag for ultimate portability with the same powerful hits as this larger version.