Honey Dabber 3 Black Edition with Quartz Tip

By: Honey Labs

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  • Limited Black Edition Honey Dabber 3.
  • Black Walnut wood brings a new level of style to this nectar collector. 
  • 6" long nectar collector with quartz tip. 
  • Optional water percolation chamber to cool and filter dabs. 
  • The only nectar collector that can be put away hot! 
  • Made in America with Amish wood. 

Stand out from the crowd with the new Honey Dabber 3 Black Edition, featuring an elegant black walnut wood.

The Honey Dabber is the only nectar collector that can be put away hot, thanks to its patented heat-proof cap. Now, this newest Honey Dabber has an optional water perc to filter your dabs and provide an even greater experience.

Built to be durable and ready to go on any adventure, the HoneyDabber 3, much like the HoneyDabber II, is a work horse ready to be your daily driver and deliver an exceptional experience each and every time.

Honey Dabbers are the perfect portable concentrate straw. Not only are they pocket-sized and durable, but their patented design makes them the only nectar collector that can be put away hot! When your dabbing session is done, the heat-resistant cap slides back on so you can continue your day without worrying about a hot dab straw laying around.

Made from locally sourced Northeastern American lumber, laser engraved, and sealed with all-natural boiled linseed oil to preserve its finish without chemicals or additives.

The quartz tip is fully replaceable and interchangeable. Find a new quartz or a titanium tip and many more Honey Labs products on our Honey Labs brand page.

Honey Dabber
Honey Dabber 3
Black Edition
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