Infinity Dropp, 19mm Male Dropdown Reclaimer

By: SoCal Arch

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The Infinity Dropp gives you an all-in-one product that saves your product and torch. The Infinity Dropp is compatible with all types of concentrates and is so easy to use and easier to drain. Perfect for newbies, as well as for seasoned dabbers who don't like to screw around with sub-par products. The Infinity Dropp was designed and is manufactured in beautiful Southern California, so you know you're getting the best of American-made glass!


The Infinity Dropp has been designed to fix every problem with the current dabbing products on the market.

  • Easy to use one piece design. No more struggling with cumbersome multiple attachments. Now this side of the industry has a traditional bowl style attachment. The Infinity Dropp™ is an easy purchase for your concentrate customers, making other potential profitable adders to their overall purchase the focus of their visit.
  • Absolutely no waste of product-not even one drop wasted. So, the Infinity Dropp more than pays for itself.
  • Airtight seal so no more impurities getting in and spoiling the taste.
  • Keeps rig clean.
  • Infinity Dropp requires no cleaning.
  • Even though the Infinity Dropp requires no cleaning, you have a clean palate every time you use it. Even if you change the type of concentrate or oil you use, you don’t get any residue or flavor from the type you use before.
  • Very little heat required so saves on torch life and butane costs. First few times of use requires only approximately 7 seconds of heat (only heat top of nail). After a few uses, the nail becomes seasoned and then only requires approximately 4 seconds of heat.
  • You have complete control of your concentrate use with the Infinity Dropp.
  • Great for low temp concentrates.
  • Works perfectly for small or big quantities of concentrates.
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