Jellyfish Glass Clear UV Spoon Pipe

By: Jellyfish Glass

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Whether the lights are on or off, these Clear UV Glass Spoon Pipes from Jellyfish Glass look and feel great. Built with a unique accent below its bowl and a view through its clear, thick body, this pipe refracts light brilliantly. When the lights go off and the darks turn on, these pipes light up with unexpected colors (well, the clear is unexpected): the yellow pipe glows green and the clear pipe glows pink!

These Clear UV Glass Spoon Pipes are around 3.5" long and 1.25" tall.

Available in Clear and Green

These UV-Reactive pipes are available in Clear (which glows Pink) and Yellow (which glows Green).

Hand-Crafted in the USA

Each Jellyfish Glass piece is hand-made in Arizona, USA. As such each pipe will be slightly different than another, both in length or design.