Jellyfish Glass UV Critter Spoon Pipe

By: Jellyfish Glass

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UV-Reactive Designs

Stand out from the crowd with these UV-Reactive Critter Spoon Pipes by Jellyfish Glass! Each pipe features a design at the front embossed in glass that features UV-reactive paint, perfect for a dark party with black lighting.

These pipes are around 4" long and are shaped like a traditional spoon glass pipe.

Assorted Colors and Creatures

The Critter Spoon Pipes are available in a wide assortment of color and critter combinations; a few are pictured above. The colors will vary, but the critters available are the Frog, Jellyfish, and Turtle.

Hand-Crafted in the USA

Each Jellyfish Glass piece is hand-made in Arizona, USA. As such each pipe will be slightly different than another, both in length or design.