JOB 1.5 Gold

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The Gold Standard of Paper

Job rolling papers are made of pure rice paper and burn smooth and clean and are naturally gummy. Ordering a quantity of 1 will get you 1 booklet containing 32 leaves. When you order a quantity of 24 you will get a display box of 24 booklets which, again, each have 32 leaves: 768 leaves of rolling paper!

1.5-sized paper is about 76mm long and 60mm wide, perfect for rolling packed cigarettes with your favorite tobacco blends.

This original JOB cigarette paper, produced the French Way, is backed by the pride and know-how of over 160 years of experience. Easy rolling, pure-gummed and smooth burning for your tobacco smoking pleasure, it is a product of high technology and the quality tradition of all French-made JOB cigarette papers. These JOB packs feature the iconic JOB logo emblazoned on the front.

Invented in 1838 in France, Job rolling papers became one of Europe's most popular brands of rolling paper thanks to its simple rice paper.

Buy 24 for a Full Display

When you buy 24 packets of these Job 1.5 Gold Rolling Papers you will get them in a display box, pictured above.

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