King Kiwi Dog Walker Hemp Cones, 6-Pack

By: King Palm

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Relax and enjoy King Kiwi Dog Walker Hemp Cones, all-natural hemp pre-rolled cones with a flavor tip and terpene-infused flavors. Dog Walker cones are 70mm, making them the perfect size to enjoy alone. Juicy kiwi terpene flavors will keep you wanting more.

Each pack includes 6 deliciously flavored cones rolled with a Flavor Tip. For an explosive punch of Kiwi terpenes, squeeze and pop the filter to activate the terpene pearl and make all your hits juicy and sweet.

What Makes King Kiwi Dog Walker Hemp Cones so Good?

  • All-Natural Hemp: These pre-rolled cones are made from 100% hemp; no tobacco and no nicotine.
  • 70mm Dog Walker Size: Dog Walker pre-rolls are the perfect size to enjoy. 70mm Dog Walker cones can hold about .25 grams, making them a great choice for solo sessions.
  • Squeeze & Pop Terpene Pearl: Infuse your flower with an explosion of tropical flavor by simply squeezing and popping the terpene pearl inside the King Palm Flavor Tip.

Included in Every Pack

  • 6 King Kiwi Hemp Cones
  • 6 Pre-installed King Kiwi Flavor Tips
  • 1 Bamboo Packing Stick

30-Pack Display Available

Wholesale customers, purchase King Kiwi Dog Walker Hemp Cones in multiples of 30 to receive a FREE display box. Get this new flavor in a convenient size for your stores today!

King Kiwi delivers a flavor fit for the throne. The sweet juice from this green fruit will have you saluting the crown for more.

King Palm

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6 Cones
King Kiwi
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Hemp Cones
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Pre-Rolled Cones
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70mm, Dog Walker